Plants Feed Me

We’ve got so many great resources bundled up in our new Farmer’s Market Play Giveaway, and today we’re giving you an in-depth look at all of the reasons why we love Lizzy Rockwell’s book, Plants Feed Me.

Firstly, I’ve oohed and aahed on the blog about Lizzy Rockwell’s illustrations before, and I’ll say it again: Lizzy’s illustrations are sweet! Her characters are drawn with a certain softness and likability that is just our speed. The text is perfectly accessible for young children of all ages (I’ve read this book with both my upper elementary school English language learners as well as with my toddler daughter), and explains to kids in such a simple yet technical way that we eat plants; all of a plant’s parts, in fact.

The smile on this boy’s face says it all. Eating plants makes us happy. Now isn’t that a message you’d love to send your child?

The book starts out with the line “I am a plant eater.” It goes on to explain, in short sentences that are both comprehensible to young listeners, and that have easy readability for beginning readers, how plants grow, and the different kinds and parts of plants that we eat.

Here’s a closeup of the spread Violet is looking at in the above picture. This page, too, is sort of special to me, as we’ve just joined a community garden in our neighborhood, and this picture, of children working together to care for plants, will certainly help to drive home the notion that people can work together to not only bring beauty to our community, but to care for and nourish ourselves and each other with delicious, bountiful plants.

The ending really touches a soft spot for us: “Plants feed me. Plants feed the world.” You might know that I strive to “bring the world into our home”, and this book doesn’t fall short in helping children to see this simple, global connection: the idea that plants feed each and every one of us.

I can’t wait to dive into activities around this book with Violet. We’ve put together a pinterest board with all kinds of fun activities, including a fun, interactive, edible “I can eat a whole plant” activity.

And if you’d like to take the teachability of this book even further, you can find additional lesson plans to accompany this text here.

If you’d like to take a copy of Plants Feed Me (and a whole bundle of other awesome prizes) enter the giveaway below and find the original giveaway post here!

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  1. My middle child is learning about plants, and growing things in pre school. She would probably enjoy this book and want to share it with her class. Thanks for sharing!!!

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