Goals, Reflection and Growth

I recently wrote about New Year’s Resolution Planning for Families and anyone who knows me in real life is privy to the fact that I am on an endless mission to grow. As a dreamer, I’ve always had aspirations that were lofty, an endless mill of ideas tumbling through my head, plans laid, refigured, and relaid.  Going into 2018, this year is no different, in fact, it may even be the loftiest of all.

I’ve heard that when you share your goals with others, put them out there for the world to see, the accountability makes you more likely to attain them, so I’m here to do just that.

On the agenda for 2018:

  • Get (mostly) out of debt. Gain control of finances, and make all of our hard work work for us.
  • Save time and money, and prioritize family over workandeverythingelse.
  • Make major life changes around where we live — we’d love to move into our ideal neighborhood, possibly build a vacation house in the years to come, and find happiness in our community. Small steps in 2018 in a move toward happiness and community building.
  • Sort out school decisions. Just shy of a year ago I shared that I was trying my best to bloom where I was planted, and, well, I see I have something of a pattern.
  • Write a book. Yes. That’s right. Write a book. Details to come!

I know what this takes. This takes an inextricably intertwined combination of reflection, forward thinking, growth, and change.

Well, hello, 2018.


*Leave us a comment below if you’d like to put your goals for 2018 out into the world! Go ahead and share!*


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