Eeboo Children of the World 100 Piece Puzzle – Giveaway Day 7

I love Eeboo. I love Lizzy Rockwell.

When Eeboo offered their new Children of the World Puzzle for our Bring the World Into Your Home giveaway, I was delighted and grateful. The truth is, I go to great lengths to have as wide of a depiction of “culture” as I can, both in my classroom and at home. As important as I think it is to show children that the “Children of the World” are very much like you and I, in order to create a bridge, and avoid creating distance. That being said, I also feel that a depiction of culturally specific things, such as traditional clothing and dress, absolutely has it’s place. This is important in order to paint a complete picture of one’s life, and to honor the practices that are distinct to each cultural group. The inclusion of all types of materials that put forth many different representations of the world’s people is important in order for children to develop a well-rounded view of those that come from another culture. This idea speaks to the need for more than “a single story“.

One thing that I really appreciate is the process and research that the illustrator, Lizzy Rockwell, conducts in her work, in order to ensure authenticity in her illustrations.  When venturing into the world of multicultural literature and resources, it is important that the representations we share with children are not stereotypical, inaccurate, or simply a misrepresentation.  Lizzy Rockwell has done a beautiful job blending tradition & modernity, and striving for accuracy.

As always, the quality of Eeboo’s work is excellent. The puzzle is strong and sturdy, with large, thick pieces that are easy for young children to handle, and that won’t buckle under the surprising pressure of little hands. The colors are vivid, the content engaging, and this is sure to be a puzzle that will bring your little one great joy!

You can find lots of other great content on Eeboo’s shop (I’ve got my eye on the preschool series of games, as well as the Life on Earth series). And all of Lizzy Rockwell‘s work has the same, lovely quality. Violet and I adore the book Plants Feed Me.

Here’s an example of Lizzy’s work on The Eeboo Children of the World Art Cards, that has the same quality as the Children of the World 100 piece puzzle:

Enter the giveaway here!

*I was provided with a copy of the Children of the World 100 Piece Puzzle in exchange for a review. All opinions in this post are my own.*

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