Earth Day Giveaway!

Happy Earth Day!!

I had so much fun with the Bring the World Into Your Home giveaway, that I’m already brainstorming and putting together some really fun (and important) blog series with *giveaways* — I just love discovering new materials, and, of course, giving things away!

Today we’re launching the “We Love the Earth- Earth Day Giveaway”! (Enter at the bottom of this post!)

When on a mission to raise a compassionate child, it’s important to remember to instill a love of the Earth, foster curiosity about the earth’s creatures, and develop an interest in caring for the planet and all of its inhabitants. Whether your family is just beginning an earth friendly journey, or if you’re already at the height of earth consciousness, there’s always room for games, books, activities, art, crafts, and other educational materials that can help expand your child’s knowledge of mother earth and how to care for and protect her.

Our family is on a mission to focus on the earth this spring & summer, we are actively looking for a community garden to join (or start?!?!?), we’re psyched to have recently acquired each item included in this giveaway (list to follow), and I can’t wait to introduce Violet to our world in a way that helps her to develop a consciousness of mother earth, caring for ourselves in earth friendly ways, discovering creatures, big and small, and protecting our world.  I’ve started a pinterest board with tons of earth friendly activities, tips for encouraging children to “go green”, family practices that benefit the earth, and fun crafts to make (plantable paper!!). This earth day we are gearing up for an earth-focused future!

I’m really excited for one family to take home the Earth Day Bundle, so you, too, can start out the season earth-focused!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Chandra’s Magic Light

Farmer’s Market Create-and-Play Activity Book


Printable Earth Day Stickers

“The Earth is What We All Have in Common” 8.5″ x 11″ art print

Don’t Throw That Away: A Lift the Flap Book About Recycling and Reusing

I Can Save the Earth: One Little Monster Learns to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

What Do You Know Bingo

Natural Science 100 Piece Puzzle

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71 thoughts on “Earth Day Giveaway!

  1. I used to do vermicomposting but got really busy after our four (same-age) kids were born 6 years ago. We are going to go back to it this year! In the meantime, we have been taking our fruit and vegetable scraps and coffee grounds and hand mixing them into the soil.

  2. At home we teach importance of recycling and not littering! We also try to reuse our paper “trash” in our crafts – our favorites are egg cartons, paper rolls, and we use magazines to practice our scissor skills and for paper mosaic crafts.

  3. We use reusable products whenever possible, and green cleaning .this year we are also subscribing to a CSA share.

  4. We recycle, compost, bring reusable shopping bags, have good insulation on the house, utilize trees as wind breaks and to regulate temperatures in the house, have energy efficient appliances & water heater.

  5. My family has adopted a highway. Every month we walk up and down and pick up trash. We do many other things such as recycling and that kind of stuff but the highway is a biggie for us. It’s lots of hard work. You would not believe the trash and the stuff we find thrown out on the roadway

  6. We recycle all cans and cardboard.. we make sure to not litter! When we go to the park if it’s messy we clean it up before playing. We do a annual beach clean up with the town ..we have a small beach club and coming up soon they hold an annual cleanup and get all the kids in the town involved .its really cool I think it’s such an amazing idea they take them out on boats to clean the marshland and the island and wade thru the water and clean it all up.they give out hotdogs and ice cream afterwards. we plant flowers everyyear.

  7. WE try our best to use something in more than one way. Very little in our home is disposable………… can be washed and used again. Even the two year old put paper in the recycling bin

  8. I bring my own canvas bags when I go shopping, so I don’t have to use paper and plastic bags. It helps reduce waste and maybe save a few trees.

  9. I recycle and compost, I grow a garden and trees and flowers to help the air. I hand my clothes on the line to save electricity and resouces. I stopped using plastic throw away water bottles and use a resuable one.

  10. We are big time believers in reducing, reusing, and recycling. We taught our daughter this at an early age and she caught on quick.

  11. Fighting global warming by preventing air pollution is the single most important thing anyone can do for the environment.

  12. I recycle everything I can and buy clothes and items at thrift stores. I started doing so especially for jeans which take so much water to manufacture.

  13. I Schedule my errands back-to-back to consolidate my trips, to save on gas, and I pack my lunch in an insulated lunch bag instead of paper or plastic .

  14. I use compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs, which last longer, and light-emitting diodes (LED), which last .much longer; plus, I make it a habit to carry a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water.

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