Bloom Where You Are Planted

I’ve been inactive on the blog the last few weeks. Our family has been going through some transitions and a lot of ups and downs recently. Not only are we tackling potty training this weekend (sitting in the bathroom for 48 hours straight with a brave but still fearful and stubborn toddler can really throw you for a loop!!) but we are in the throes of preschool applications (and accompanying decision-making, heartache and stress) for our 2.5 year old daughter Violet. 

Maybe we are putting too much importance on this early educational experience, but as educators ourselves, it means a lot to us to find a school that will offer her a unique experience, one that will challenge the limitations we know New York City to have, all the while capitalizing on this city’s strengths. We are looking for the “perfect” school, one that balances play with academics, one that offers special programming, with foreign language instruction high on our wish list. We want a school for her that will allow her to grow and change in many different and dynamic ways. Some say “she won’t remember preschool” and while I half believe that to be true, I also recognize the impact that this formative experience will have on her as she grows into her own, real, and I’ll say it – unique person. 
Going through this has brought many realities to light and emotions to the forefront. The reality of socioeconomic divides, our own limitations as a family, the weight of the working mother, the difficulty of the city we choose live in/feel stuck in, the desire to just pick up and fly away to another place that just never goes away, and maybe the most profound for us is our inner voice, consistently telling us to open our own school, to be strong and brave enough to take that risk… 
We still aren’t sure where all of this will take us, but one idea that has a hold on me is to “bloom where you are planted”. Maybe we need to just embrace this wonderfully weird place for what it is and do whatever it takes to just bloom here. 
Oh, and one more thing that’s been occupying me over the past 2 weeks? A GIVEAWAY- and it’s going to be glorious. Don’t miss the chance to win hundreds of dollars worth of fantastic toys and books to help “bring the world into your home”for your  global child. Look for it early next week! 

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