Advent Activity Calendar

For a couple of years now I’ve planned to make an advent calendar village for our living room. I’d use my silhouette cameo paper cutter, beautiful Christmas cardstock and scrapbook paper, and craft the day away. Or two. Or three. Or more. I sat down once last year, and once this year. And. Well. I failed. I’ve been on an (endless) mission to reduce the time that I spend working (cooking, cleaning, crafting, blogging, teaching, you name it) and increase the time I spend with family. It took me an entire day to make the front of a single building, and I decided to finally scratch the idea and buy an advent calendar. Well, I’ve also been on a mission to reduce my spending on life in general, which leads me to my newest idea: A printable advent activity calendar.

This Christmas, instead of stuffing her calendar with tiny gifts (that’s what her stocking is for), we’ll do an activity a day leading up to Christmas, some as simple as making hot chocolate, as intricate as building a gingerbread house, and some giving, such as donating food to a food bank.

I love the idea of focusing on kindness and family, spending time together counting down to Christmas by completing a family activity each day to get into the holiday spirit.

You can find the Advent calendar here, which hasĀ 25 printable red, business card sized envelopes with cute winter/Christmas characters to make your own DIY advent calendar, and 50 activity cards to choose from. Each activity focuses on kindness, family, and the holiday spirit.

We haven’t assembled our calendar yet, but we plan to hang 2 rows of cards from baker’s twine, but you could assemble it on a cork board or chalkboard, an empty wall, or any other creative way you can dream up. Check out our Pinterest board for some DIY advent calendar inspiration. We’ll add a photo once ours is up and running!


Well hello there! Peace, Love and Literacy has been on something of a hiatus over the past few months.

As a public school teacher, I get to have one foot in working-mom mode, and one in the stay-at-home mom zone, and let me tell you, I get *so much* more work done when I’m actually working. This summer was all about spending time with my daughter, rest, and growth.

We all know that trying to keep up with life in general is exhausting, as is parenting, familying, working, schooling, and all of the other things one might have on their agenda. I never thought I’d quote Banksy on a parenting blog, but, yes. When whatever you’ve got going on tires you out, don’t quit. Remember you’re why — what brought you to this project in the first place, and rest. Then start again.

So here we are, the Peace, Love and Literacy revival, renewal.I’m refocusing on tips, activities, and resources for raising compassionate children. I hope you’ll join me on what’s to come!