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Have I mentioned how much I love my tribe? Some of the ladies were raving about how much they (and their children, of course) loved the movie Moana. Seriously, they were going on about it, so I decided to get on board, and when one mother shared the link to Hollar’s deal on a $5 Moana digital download, I went for it, and I am *so* glad I did.  We aren’t a huge TV household (we don’t own a television, and we try to limit Violet’s screen time) but we knew that we wanted to introduce her, little by little, to some quality children’s programming and film, and Moana was a fast favorite of everyone in the household, including my husband!In fact, we loved it (and Hollar!) so much that we partnered with Hollar to give away a digital download of the movie, and a $25 shopping credit! If you’re not familiar with Hollar, it’s fabulous: it’s the online dollar store where everything starts at $1. They carry thousands of products from top brands like Disney and new items are added daily – so there’s always something new to score. You can save anywhere from 50-90% off retail price, plus they offer free shipping on your first order and all orders over $25. Check out Hollar here and read on to find out why we love Moana, and enter the giveaway on Instagram!

Firstly, you probably know that we love to bring the world into our home, and I’ve always been fascinated by Pacific culture.  The Hollar download has some really neat bonus features at the end of the film, which accounts how the directors spent many months on the Pacific Islands.  There some documentary footage of their integration into society, the relationships that they built with Islanders, and the extensive research that was conducted in order to make a culturally authentic film. There is a lot of study around the importance of authenticity in cultural depictions in literature and film, and though there are many critical lenses that one can look at Moana through, but in all, there are many fabulous cultural features of this film that seem to be well represented (though criticism states that the film represents many different cultures, as opposed to focusing on just one).  The music and voicing are performed by Pacific artists, many of the songs feature native languages, and the language, rhythm and instruments make the film a truly unique & authentic cultural experience. We’ve downloaded the soundtrack, and listen to it all.the.time. It’s enjoyable to me, as I love “world music” and the repetition and connections are so good for children’s language development.

Another thing I’m smitten with is that I can share the “bonus feature” documentary footage with my daughter that gives her a “real look” into life in this area of the world. It’s certainly a unique experience, and high-interest in that it ties back to one of her (new) favorite films.

The animation in the film, and the scenery, are *gorgeous*.  The picture at the top of the blog post is one of my favorite scenes from Moana, it shows a baby turtle swimming away with it’s mother after Moana led it back to the sea, under the safety of the shadow of a leaf. I love the sea, tropical islands, flowers, you name it. The visual beauty of this film is unmatched, and right up our alley.

Our family is committed to caring for the earth as well, and themes of connections with nature, eco-friendliness, eco-responsibility, and caring for the earth and it’s creatures shine throughout the story.

Another reason to love Moana is it’s appropriateness for young children.

There is no real violence to speak of (some self-defense, but nothing malicious), no romance, and nothing particularly scary (aside from the “lava monster” at the end, but once you see the movie you’ll learn that the lava monster is really just sad, and Moana will help her to be happy again), and the story line deviates from Disney’s typical princess stories, depicting Moana as a strong, almost rebel girl, who teams up with a male (Maui, a loveable [albeit egotistical], funny, and heroic character) to save the world, but in the end emerges as the heroine. Moana is empowered, strong, lovely, kind, and a fantastic role model and inspiration for children.

All of this being said, I do think that this film is just one depiction of life on (and the history of) the Pacific Islands, and if we want to create a full picture of the life and history of the Pacific Islands, there are many more topics, literature, and history (both rich and controversial) that should be explored in order to create a full picture.

In all, we *love* Moana, and can’t say enough good things about Hollar – the dollar store in your pocket bringing you great gifts and goods starting at just $1!

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Beautiful Fruits and Veggies with Haba!

I’ve had my eye on Haba for quite a while, long before I had children, actually. Haba is a German company known for its well crafted, award winning wooden toys. It was this set of fruits and veggies that sparked my interest in Haba’s wooden toys around 6 or 7 years ago, so of course, when it was time to stock my daughter’s DIY Farmer’s Market , I reached out to Haba.

These adorable little fruits and vegetables are perfect. They have a wonderful variety of “out of the box” produce, including carrots, peppers, mushrooms, radishes (red & white) and tomatoes in the vegetable set, and yellow pears, green apples, strawberries, and (Italian) plums.  The fruits are made with sturdy beech wood, and have a vibrant glossy, non-toxic stain that lets the wood grain show through, as opposed to paint, which gives them a truly beautiful quality that is wonderfully unique.  What’s more, each set comes with a cute little shopping net, perfectly sized for little shoppers, and just right for a trip to the market.

Another thing that I adore about Haba is their promise, “Made in Germany with respect for people and planet”.

If you’d like to take home a set of Haba’s Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Shopping Nets, enter the giveaway below!

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