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I am grateful for the response Peace, Love and Literacy has gotten thus far, and I want to express that gratitude with a special giveaway!

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What I Be.

In our last youtube video, I briefly mentioned one of the loveliest children’s books in our library, Michael Franti’s What I Be. Yes, song is an amazing way to support language and literacy development, but *this* song does so much more than that, I wanted to take the opportunity to really zoom in on that.

I couldn’t possibly put it any better than the singer-songwriter himself, so I won’t even try:


In these times, the messages that we send to our children are of utmost importance. Sure, aspects such as a book’s ability to grab a child’s attention, the opportunities it creates for children to acquire or master language and literacy skills, the impact of art and illustration on engagement, comprehension and enrichment are all, still, very important considerations; but the messages that we are sending children through the media, their media, their books, should be that of compassion, self-acceptance, appreciation for all of the world’s people, being your best self, and the journey we take towards each of those goals should be at the center, the reason behind our literary choices, they “why”.

That being said, let’s take a look at the art!



I hope that you and your kids love this book as much as we do!!



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Steve Rosenfield has a powerful photography project influenced by Michael Franti’s song, What I Be. Check it out here.

Michael Franti’s Original What I Be:

Reading Nook 101

You might have seen in our youtube launch that having a designated reading space in your house is a great way to instill a love of reading in young children.

Having a designated reading space is a wonderful way to create a place that is free of distraction for independent or family reading, so that children can focus on the story.

Reading nooks also provide a comfortable place to snuggle, cuddle, and spend time together — after all, children fall in love with books in part because of the memories they’ve created spending time with someone they love!

Here’s is Violet’s “reading nook”:


I bought this tent on Amazon, added twinkle lights, an area rug, pillows, and a blanket to make it comfy, cozy, pretty lovely, and even a little magical.  I love this particular teepee because it has a bottom, which makes it easy to lay against the pillows without the walls shifting around, but there are lots of great choices (I’ll link some of the others below). We *love* this tent. Our entire bedtime routine revolves around reading in here at night, and it gives us a chance to wind down from the day, enjoy stories, have closeness between us, and settle in for sleep. This time in the tent is seriously the best part of my day, and Violet loves it too!

You don’t need a fancy window seat or built in “nook” architecture, check out these tips and links for creating your child’s designated reading space:

  • Find a corner, cozy it up, and call it your reading nook!
  • Use a tent or canopy to create “walls” for a cozy, designated area.
  • Set up a reading nook between a wall and the side of a secured-to-the-wall piece of large furniture, making built-in architecture unnecessary.
  • Have an unused closet space or decorative fireplace? Throw some pillows, lights, and books in and you’ve got an insta-nook for your child!
  • Situate your reading nook near an accessible shelf or storage bin to let your child easily access and choose books for story time.
  • Use an ottoman as a child sized “couch”.
  • A papasan cushion would be a great floor pillow for a round or hexagonal tent

Here’s a fun collage of amazing nooks. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment to let us know!



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Tent runner-ups:

Land of Nod Rainy Day Playhouse Canopy

Land of Nod Pavilion (wait for a sale!!)

A-frame tent


Youtube Launch!

We did it! We launched our youtube channel. Check out “Instilling a Love of Literacy in Young Children” and support us by subscribing to the channel.

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Peace, Love and Literacy

Hey everyone!
My name is Alison. I’m thrilled to be sharing my very first blog post.

To tell you a little about myself, I am a mother to a young girl, an elementary school language teacher and a big fan of children’s books.  I have always had a pull to “do my own thing”, and I’m always dreaming up possibilities. These dreams have brought me to Peace, Love, and Literacy: a community of resources dedicated to raising compassionate children with a focus on story and art.

Having taught young English language learners in New York City for more than a decade, and growing a bilingual, bicultural family, love, compassion, language, and exploring the world through literacy are of utmost importance to me, and I hope to convey that through fantastic content to share with you all!

I hope you’ll enjoy exploring peace, love, and literacy with us!